Founded in December 2014 by Laoghan Hendra, Cumberland Sporting Club is a multi-sport project based in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our adult coaches are licensed, experienced and full of passion for sport. Our youth coaches, called Coach Cadets, are dedicated to coaching as a life-long learning process. 

CSC Leadership

Laoghan Hendra: director of futsal and soccer

Elita Rahn: director of athletics

Sport Coaches

Athletics Lead Coaches 

Elita Rahn: Westmorland, New Brunswick, running

Alison Lair: Cumberland, Nova Scotia, running

Mike King: Westmorland, New Brunswick, jumping

Athletics Coach Cadets

Taylor Laceby: Lead Coach Cadet

James Laceby: Lead Coach Cadet

Rohin McKenney: Lead Coach Cadet

Myles Robichaud: Assistant Coach Cadet

Colton Caballero: Assistant Coach Cadet

Thomas Bristol: Assistant Coach Cadet

Futsal and Soccer Lead Coaches

Laoghan Hendra: Cumberland, Nova Scotia, futsal and soccer

Cuilean Hendra: Charlotte, New Brunswick, soccer

Futsal and Soccer Coach Cadets

Aaron Froese: Lead Coach Cadet

Jurian Ferrigno: Lead Coach Cadet

Railyn Cann: Assistant Coach Cadet

Emily Smith: Assistant Coach Cadet

Noah Kelly: Assistant Coach Cadet

Nick Lawrence: Assistant Coach Cadet

Jack Brennan: Assistant Coach Cadet

William Corbett: Assistant Coach Cadet

Myles Robichaud: Assistant Coach Cadet