Founded in December 2014 by Laoghan Hendra, Cumberland Sporting Club is a multi-sport project based in Amherst, Nova Scotia. Our adult coaches are licensed, experienced and full of passion for sport. Our youth coaches, called Coach Cadets, are dedicated to coaching as a life-long learning process. Spring through winter, we deliver all-season small-sided play opportunities for our region's youth, through running, soccer and futsal.

Our Values

At Cumberland Sporting Club, we value:

CULTURE: A culture of kindness, fairness and respect

ATHLETES: Long-term player development (LTPD), long-term athlete development (LTAD) and enjoyment of sport over win-at-all-costs mindsets

HEART: Hard work, resilience and healthy risk taking

QUALITY: Coach training, quality delivery and low coach-to-athlete ratios

COMMITMENT: Commitment from coaches and athletes to be present at training and to learn the fundamentals

CSC Leadership

Lead Coaches

Laoghan Hendra, Cumberland, N.S.

Catherine Hirbour, Cumberland N.S.

Shawn George, Pictou, N.S.

AJ Weber Antiporda, Westmorland, N.B.

Kate Crawford, Westmorland, N.B.

Chris Hill, Cumberland, N.S.

Justin Trueman, Cumberland N.S.

Risha McKenney, Cumberland, N.S.

Coach Cadets

Aaron Froese, Lead Coach Cadet

Farah Moreau, Lead Coach Cadet

Jurian Ferrigno, Lead Coach Cadet